We install all the top brand entertainment systems. Our installers have over 50 years combined experience....so you can see your auto audio goals power up. Our large inventory will impress even the most IN TUNE sound enthusiast! Come see.  Best prices in Hawaii. Fast Friendly Service.  When you choose Elite Car Stereo you will be guaranteed everything you need in order to save money and get greater satisfaction from your car audio system.

At Elite Car Stereo we love what we do and it shows! Elite Car Stereo is the best "Audio Craft Shop"s We appreciate you and enjoy and make everything available when you are looking to understand, purchase and better enjoy a car stereo system. We provide access to merchandise from all the best companies & products. We enjoy providing you information at your speed, that in the end will allow you to make the best stereo, sound just the way you want it.

At Elite Car Stereo we are proud to have gained the reputation as Hawaii's Leading Auto Audio Company we are leading the industry with all services regarding car audio planning and buying!


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Our satisfied Customers are what makes us most proud!

"I purchased a speaker system yesterday and it was great. Elite really helped me since I've never purchased car audio before. They are definitively the best in Hawaii & have appropriate customer service for individuals like myself who don't have any access to sophisticated and/or specialized tools.
Aristides L.

"The DVD system they installed made traffic H1 more of a breeze! My wife loved it and it make the car better!
John N.

"I just wanted to say that Elite Car Stereo was extreamly helpful with helping me build my system. Without them I wouldn't even know where to start and I would be stuck paying an arm and a leg. Thanks! You guys are the best! I am deffinately refering you to all of my friends. Once again, Thanks!"
Johnathan S.
Pearl Harbor

"I got a Kenwood Stereo the other day, they are great. I thought it was going to be A LOT of money and time to do some of those things I wanted. I have never worked with any of this before, but I can't wait to get my car started everyday now! I already have friends wanting custom jobs from them."
Chris C.
U.S. Military

"Your company is great and opened a whole world of installation possibilities for my vehicle. Thanks for the information and customer Aloha."
Ryon L.
Pearl City

"I have found your employees to be very helpful and i even told my friends how you saved me money. I also told my friend what you showed me to avoid a bait and switch (another guy almost sold him an all D*AL audio system what a joke!!!). Any way the stuff you shared was very helpful, definately worth my time and money."
Eric D.

"This is a fine piece of work that I always wanted. It was for my 17 year old son, who has just purchased his first drive, an older Chevy (fullsize) van. Installing this reasonable stereo system in this will keep him out of trouble and give us some kicks. Your stuff looks as valuable as I thought when I saw the shop. I was very impressed with the combination of audio theory and installation know-how. This is a valuable Audio Shop in Hawaii. Mahalo! It will save my son asking hundreds of unconnected questions at other stores."
Lloyd L.

"The installers were very informative. I had a pretty good idea about installing car audio but some things weren't clear to me so I wanted to get the best possible job. I will never pay someone again to install my equipment for me....Elite Car Stereo saved me time and money.  Thanks a lot."
Duane G.

I would like to say that out of all of the resourses I have looked at for stereo installation Elite is the best one I have found. I would like to thank you for putting this Stereo System / DVD package together."
Joshua P.

I loved your install guys. I think the they have been really great. They give the proper info in a straight forward manner.  
Brent K.

"Wow! I'm impressed. You're very prompt and efficient. I got the my car back yesterday and I was amazed it was finished without a problem. Let me tell you, that's some quality stuff you've put together. I'm very pleased. I've already told some of my friends about this great find. I'll definitely recommend your products. The clear, simple method in the sales presentation is wonderful. It made what might seem like a somewhat daunting purchase, quite easy to manage and understand. I appreciate and thank you for the work and thought that you poured into this."
Eric H.

"I cannot speak highly enough of Elite Car Stereo. Not only is their instructional patience top-notch, but the the sale was approached with such a succinct and concise fashion that I could only describe [it] as being "surgically precise". I was in awe the first two days of owning it, noless), even if only for entertainment value! I simply love the DVD system."
Daniel R.

"Hey man, my speakers are perfect. I listen to them, then left my car for my brother to use. We were both very impressed."
Chris S.

"Your stereo team is the best! Thank you so much. I finaly got the system I want, and it'll have more value to me because you did what I wanted exactly! Thanks again for the items. They're great!!"
Brock C.

"I found them excellent in explaining the how to and whats needed for the job. I especially love the fact that you explained how the things work, tips on getting good equipment, and what to look for.  Keep up the great work."
Franklin H.

"I found the staff full of helpful hints and tips for installing numerous projects. After talking to Elite people my imagination grew leaps and bounds. They gave me the tools i needed to carry out all the ideas i had that i was unable to complete with the lack of skills i previously had. Thanks for the audio help."
Takeshi H.

"The people were AWESOME. MY NEW 'BANGIN' STEREO IS AWESOME! I saved $$$!!! 
EWA Beach

"I would like to thank you for your prompt customer service. I was pleased that I recied the DVD system I wanted installed so soon after I made the purchase and I was very pleased with how quickly you have responded to my questions. I have already mentioned your company to a few of my friends and will endorse them to members of the forum I frequent. Once again thanks for a great product and customer service! Aloha!"
Morgan H.